Best Attorney in Inland Empire, Excellent!!!

Jesse G.

I highly recommend Mr. Gary H Blaylock attorney and an amazing criminal defense lawyer.

Tom R.

Gary was an amazing attorney to work with. Any time you need to hire an attorney there is naturally stress surrounding the situation! Gary made the entire process easy! He always answered all my questions and put me at ease. I worked with Gary over a 9 month period and every encounter was OUTSTANDING! This was the first time I have ever needed an attorney, I hopefully never will need one again but if I do I will definitely hire Gary and would recommend him!

Tiffany B.

I had an appointment with the attorney regarding family law case and I can only say good things about him. His patience and knowledge are amazing, you can definitely can trust him. His staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Karina B.

Gary is the best lawyer is the town.

John W.

Just called him the other day asking for advise on papers I was served he was the best at answering all my questions I had called another place and they had shut me down wouldn't even answer my questions unless I paid $100 for the consult, but not Gary thank you!